About US

Jacquelyn's Legacy Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit Public Charity that assists its clients with disease reversal and health restoration. Founded July 30, 2015. Specializing in pain relief, superior nourishment,  detoxification, frequency protection and body system alkalinization. We use natural modalities to help our clients achieve a healthier lifestyle and set realistic goals.

Jacquelyn Mosley, a nurse of 50 years, spent her life in dedication to others. She was not only a nurse, but a wife, mother, grandmother who often housed elderly family members and took care of them when their health failed. When diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, she and her daughter began to explore natural methods to assist in reversing her cancer. Although, she responded favorably to the treatment and showed amazing progress, she succumbed to a stroke. As a result of Western medicine's reluctance to accept natural modalities as valid treatments for serious and chronic illnesses, no aggressive treatment for her stroke would've been afforded her due to her Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis. As a result of her journey, her daughter, Latrese Washington, founded Jacquelyn's Legacy Foundation, Inc. in her honor and decided to share what she learned and help others achieve disease reversal especially when Western Medicine leaves little to no hope.

Latrese Washington, Founder of Jacquelyn's Legacy Foundation, Inc. followed in her mother's foot steps and also became a Registered Nurse in 1991. As a result of her exposure to the information about how to assist in disease reversal and health restoration, she developed a passion for natural approaches to health and couldn't help but share what she learned. Continuing to enhance her knowledge, she has been able to assist several clients with serious and chronic illness achieve increased health, deceased pain and absence of symptomology for serious conditions such as Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension, etc.